Jan 18, 2019

Friday ~

It is up to you to see the beauty in everyday things...

I have been awake for quite a few hours already.  
Sniff has been brushed and fed.  Now he's once again in 
bed with his dada.  Life is good and both boys are fast 
asleep as it should be.  It's not even 6am as yet.

As I woke up I automatically check to see if the sun 
was up, but it being before 4am the sun sure was not. 
 On the other hand  saw this and of course I had to 
step out.  Zoom in and capture the shot.

Though I try to go back to sleep, once I'm awake it's pretty difficult
 to fall asleep again.  So I already had my cafe.  Watched a little 
on Netflix and finished up my online Real Estate continuing
 education class.  Overall a pretty productive morning so far.

Our day seems pretty open so far, but that can change
 as soon as Arvid wakes up.  He is busy, busy all day and sometimes
 pretty late into the evenings.  This is supposed to be a slow
 down time for us, but I don't think we can do slow down.

It's wintertime, but judging from the above picture 
taken a few days ago who would believe it?  On the
 other hand, "winter" in Florida is exactly this. 

 Yes, we are very fortunate to be living in a place where 
no matter what the season is, you can always go to the
 beach, and your dress code is flip flops and shorts.

Pina Coladas go hand in hand when living in Florida.
  At least for me they do.  Our weekend has already begun 
and who know maybe today we have a few more of these 
tropical drinks with the little umbrella in them.  I am ready.

Wishing everyone a great day and a magnificent start of the weekend.  I woke up.  I have clothes to wear.  I have running water.  I have food to eat.  Life is good.  I am thankful.

Everyday may not be good, but 
there is something good in everyday...