Jan 20, 2019

Hello Sunday ~

You will never be happy if you continue to search for
 what happiness consists of. You will never live if 
you are looking for the meaning of life...

As we were driving to Miami yesterday to meet J and Alexandra, 
Arvid said to me, "looking forward to seeing our nephew."  I smiled
 for a very long time, and thinking about it I'm still smiling.

  Arvid gets along with all my family and with the nieces and nephews. 
 I am so happy he has taken an interest in J.  Especially now that 
they live so close to us.  J and Alexandra are easy and down 
to earth people.  No pretense and no supercial anything there.
Looking forward to V and M meeting J and A.

J took us to a Mexican restaurant.  He said he wanted to take
 us there because he and Alexandra really like it.  I love that 
boy and I'm so happy he's just a half hour away from us.

Max also lives in Florida (Naples), but he's a little further
 from us, but I am happy for that as well because now
 we can see both of my nephews every so often.  

After lunch with J and Alexandra, Arvid and I did a little 
touring of our own.  We had a very nice time at the Wynwood Walls. 

 Though we live here in Florida it's our first time there.  
Everyone who visits have been there.  My sisters and my nieces
 and nephews have been there.  Guess it's our turn now.

Wynwood Walls is an outdoor museum of international street art.
  Free to all.  Pretty much one of the coolest sights we have seen
 in a while.  We even had the pleasure of seeing one of the street
 artists at work.  Incredible talent all over the place.  Of course 
it was "obligatory" to take the picture with the wings.

I am really enjoying being back in Florida.  We have been going out of
our "comfort zone" and trying new things and going to more places. 
 Hope it continues because I am loving it.  Make life interesting. 

Back in Branson I have heard from some of my friends/former tenants.
  There was snow today, and it's very cold.  I'm really happy to be 
in the warm climate.  I miss everyone, but I do not miss the cold.

Here in Fort Lauderdale even on a so called "cold" winter 
day it's typically warmer than most summer days in Norway.

Sunday here again.  Lots of soccer in store for Arvid.  Today we
 plan on taking on the Boardwalk.  That is the Hollywood
 Boardwalk.  Long time ago before I met Arvid I lived 
close to the Hollywood Boardwalk.  I loved it.

To all a happy Sunday.  For many it's a three day weekend.  
Enjoy and keep making memories.  Life is to be lived to the
 fullest.  Remember, very little is needed to make a happy
 life; it is all within ourselves, in our way of thinking.

When one door of happiness closes, another opens,
 but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not 
see the one that has been opened for us.  There is 
more to life than increasing its speed...