Jan 28, 2019

Fresh Week ~

Bad weather always looks worse through a window...

Yesterday evening as we were watching a movie 
on TV, the broadcast was suddenly interrupted. 
 Headlines read: TORNADO WARNING.  

Arvid and I who never really take much serious, 
jumped out of our chairs.  Without having to
 tell each other what to do we just did.  

I put a sheet on the floor, and Arvid went out in 
the rain onto the balcony and handed me the little
 bits of furniture we had.  Furniture secured. 

  Arvid was swearing because he was wet. We made a
 plan as to what to do should we get hit by the tornado. 
 We got the candles out and of course decided that we 
would grab Sniff and head into the bathroom, in
 worst case scenario.  Always hoping for the best.

I texted our nephew J.  Told him to stay put and do 
not go outside.  As soon as all of that was done I
 logged into the weather channel and this is what it said: 

 we were happy, but this was probably the first

 time we took one of these warnings seriously.

Monday morning.  Rain and more rain is expected.  
The next two days will also be "cold" as far as
 Floridian standards go.  Today for sure we do
 not have any plans to go out and run around.

January is soon over.  Not sure what happened, 
but time sure flies. With lots to do this week, I hope that
 I feel a little better.  Yesterday I thought I was doing much 
better but by afternoon I was nauseous all over again.  Also
 feel tired as if I was run over by a truck.  A big truck.

I know better days are coming, but I am 
so tired of not feeling good.  At the same time 
I know it's just a passing thing.

Wishing everyone a good week ahead.  Let's
 remember that even though we may  have bad 
weather right now, but the sun shines in the hearts
 of the people and that keeps us all warm.

Wake up every Monday knowing that you can create
 something amazing this week.  What you tell yourself
 everyday will either lift you up or tear you down...