Jan 25, 2019

Friday Again ~

I've learned over and over that life 
happens on its own terms, not mine...

The concert may hot have been that good, but we 
still had a good time.  These two started the celebration at
 our apartment, and then I of course drove us all to the concert. 
 Seems like I am always the designated driver.  That's 
what happens when you don't drink I guess.

I woke up at 4am because I couldn't sleep, and also because
 I wanted to be at the lab by 6am to get the bloodwork done.

I really have not been feeling that great lately.  I'm sure
 it's because of all the tests and the different "stuff" going into 
my body.  Hopefully soon this will be over for this year 
and I will be back to feeling like my usual self.

I got to the lab a little before 6am.  Thinking I would be
 one of the first, no such luck.  Almost 20 others thought the same.
 The wait was no that long.  One hour and I was done.  After that
I headed to the hospital to Nuclear Medicine for my body scan.

Other than having to lay for an hour without moving all was OK.

 After the body scan I had another
scan of my throat.  That was a little
more uncomfortable because
 I had to really hyperextend.

Now it's over, but just heard
 back from Nuclear Medicine
 that I MAY have to repeat the
body scan tomorrow.

I'm a little fed up and tired
 with these tests, but I know it's
something that has to be done.
  Hopefully only once a year.

Back home Sniff is asleep.
  Arvid is out and about already.
I have the morning all to myself.
The way I feel  just want to go to
 bed and lay there for the rest of
 the day.  Yes, I do not feel that
great right now.

On the other hand it's Friday.  Not up to doing much
 right now, but hopefully that will change in a few
hours.  It's getting cold again today and we expect
to see a lot of rain in the next couple of days.

Happy Friday all.  Enjoy the weekend and live life
 to the fullest.  You never know what tomorrow
 holds.  Truth is, I have no idea what will happen
between today and tomorrow either.  Life!!!

Write it in your heart that every day is the best
 day in the year.  Things turn out best for people 
who make the best of the way things turn out...