Feb 16, 2019

Life Is Good ~

Enjoy your own life without comparing it to that of another...

No questions about it.  Sniff has the best seat in the 
house everyday all day long, and both Arvid and I love it.  
To know Sniff is to love him.  He has this calmness about him 
that you can feel and sense right away.  He soothes
 our hearts and fills our home with love.  

Every evening his first favorite spot is right between Arvid's legs.
Just like with Brutus, Arvid does not move.  He watches TV and 
stays still until Sniff decides to get up and move over to my side.  
This is every night.  A little routine the 3 of us have. We love it.

Coming back to Florida and to the life we had has been good.
We do things we used to do and some.  I still stay in touch
with my friends in Branson.  Yes, I do miss Almost Home
and the people, but I am sure loving our life here.

Like many, we enjoy the simple things in life.  Those bring
us the most happiness and for that I am always grateful.

People who delight in simple pleasures and manage to smile
 in spite of the difficulties they face have the clearest vision of life...