Feb 23, 2019

Saturday ~

Nothing makes a person happier than having a happy heart...

Both Arvid and I thought this was funny.  We were out
 with my parents and when we spotted this on the wall of one 
of the stores.  Made us all laugh and yes, stop and think
 for a second or two.  Absolutely true if you ask me.

Spending time with my parents is always very relaxing.
Today we plan on taking them out to the Pub.  We have
 been there with them before.  Good thing is that all 4 
of us like it.  Simple food and good drinks.

Even though our time with them is brief,  I enjoy
 the quality of our time.Staying with them is always a treat. 
 Arvid and my dad went out a little to do some "boy" stuff, and
 my mom and I had some time to do girl stuff.  I am happy
 and always thankful for being able to spend time with them.

Looking forward to another day with mom, dad and Arvid.
I am extremely happy right now.  I know I am blessed.

Good morning all.  Cold day here again.
I love it.  Arvid very cold.

Happiness depends not on things
 around me, but on my attitude...