Feb 5, 2019

Morning Is Here ~

The secret to having it all is knowing you already do...

Once again I am awake really early.  Sniff has been
brushed and fed.  As always.  Truth is if you don't brush
 him he will cry, and he cries very loud.  Love the sound
of his "voice"  It makes us smile and do his bidding.

Every night Sniff and Arvid have this very special routine. 
Sniff knows exactly when Arvid is getting ready to sit
and watch TV.  He waits patiently until Arvid settles in,
and then right away he jumps between Arvids legs. 
And this is how they remain for at least 3 hours.

I have been asked to be the bridesmaid in a wedding and Arvid
the best man.  We are both super excited and happy.  Both the
groom, and the bride could have chosen their own families for
this honor, but instead they choose Arvid and I.  Now to
 find a pretty yellow dress.  Yay!  Something fun to do.

Looking forward to another very beautiful day here in
Fort Lauderdale.  A few things planned so all in all a really
good day awaits us.  Be it work or be it fun, we always
try to find the bright side in everything.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day ahead.  Remember we
 have to make our own sunshine and our own happiness.

When something goes wrong, take a moment to
 be thankful for the many things that are going right.  
Expect nothing and appreciate everything...