Feb 6, 2019

Special Moments In Life ~

Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers...

About last night.  As always it's fun to go to the Hockey game. 
Always gives us an opportunity to also go to Sawgrass Mall,
 and to a favorite restaurant of ours. Simple, but we love it.

 Not sure it's because of the food or the fact that they
 carry Kirin draft beer.  A favorite of Arvid's.

Yesterday I was looking through some pictures.  Arvid and
I have done quite a lot of different things.  Above is when we
went to London for a Trade Expo.  We were promoting our
own real estate in Fort Lauderdale and in the Bahamas. 

Yesterday was good.  Was freezing cold at the hockey arena. 
Not something Arvid and I was too crazy about.  Doctors again
 today, so yeah all is well and life continues to do what it does best.

We live it and we make the best of it by always giving 
our most positive attitude to any and everything 
that gets thrown to us.  Happy Wednesday all.

Life brings simple pleasures to us everyday. 
 It's up to us to make them wonderful...