Feb 1, 2019

The Simple Things In Life ~

Every day, I like to wake up and remind 
myself to be grateful of the simple things...

I'm attracted to the 
simple things that
 most people ignore,
 so the other day when 
I saw this it just 
reminded me once 
again that the simple
 pleasures in life 
are sometimes 
the best. 

Even though Arvid and I are 
"semi-retired" we seem
 to be as busy as
 always. If not more.  
It is a choice.  

of us can sit around
 all day doing nothing.  Too boring.

 After being in Branson and running 
a hotel each even less so.  I have to 
admit to miss being that busy.  
To always have something to do.
 I loved it.

We now fill our time with going to different
 trade meetings around the country.  We also
 still have our shipping company, and we still do
 real estate.  Overall we manage to stay busy.

I try to always remind myself to never take
 for granted the simple things that life gives us.  
Those simple things are what makes me the happiest. 
 I love being home.  Going out to a quiet diner with 
Arvid, seeing Sniff run around and be happy.

I love the sound of laughter coming from our 
grand-daughters.  See them smiling and happy is enough 
to make any day a good day.  To hear my nieces and nephews
 say "I love you auntie Nad," and to talk to my family often, 
that's happiness right there for me.  The rest is fluff.

Let us not forget that sometimes we should express 
our gratitude for the small and simple things like
 the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite
 food, or the sound of a loved one's voice.

I think what really people want is just a few things 
done really, really well. And if you think about ever day
 of your life, the things you really appreciate aren't the
 complicated things. They're the simple things that
work just the way you expect them to...