Feb 4, 2019

Monday Again ~

I like to escape to the beach and kind
 of ground myself whenever I can...

When I need some quiet time, nothing like long 
walks along the beach.  Soothes the mind and refreshes
 the soul.  Make you ready to face whatever the day holds.  
That's what it does for me.  It calms and centers me.

A new week begins.  A new month begins. February,
 the month of my sisters birthday. In February there
is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.

Wishing everyone a happy start of the week and a great February.
Even though February is the shortest month of the year, 
sometimes it seems like the longest for many.  

And the wind whispers, "Don't be afraid.  I am here.  Close your eyes,
 smell the salty air, and let the spirit of the ocean move you."...