Feb 3, 2019

Sunday Vibes ~

Happiness is letting go of  what you think
your life is supposed to look like...

After a very good dinner at our favorite restaurant, Arvid
said to me, "want to go for a drive by the beach?"  Of course I said yes.
  My favorite Pina Coladas are at Aruba's Beach Cafe.  As we
 got closer, the road was blocked off.  Huge Super Bowl Party
 going on.  Every restaurant was fully booked.  

Arvid saw I was a little disappointed so he said, let's just 
continue driving on A1A.  We cruised along Fort Lauderdale Beach, 
and believe it or not, everything was super quiet there.  There 
was tons of parking and the beach was empty.  No big parties 
that I noticed going on.  Was a relaxing outing. 

So every day we make plans on what we would like to do. 
 Everyday Arvid tells me that we have to live more.  To enjoy life.  
As he puts it, "we have worked hard our entire lives.  It's time 
we reap the benefits."  How can I disagree with his logic?

The rest of the evening we will be watching The Super Bowl.
 As always my favorite part is the halftime entertainment and the cool ads.
Hope everyone has had a great day so far.  Let's go Patriots!

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it...