Apr 1, 2019

Hello April ~

April weather, rain and sunshine both together...

New week and a brand new month begins.  April is a 
good month.  Arvid, Sniff and I have birthdays this month.
  Does not get any better than this.  Arvid and Sniff are on 
the same day.  A beautiful and happy month begins.  

April is busy.  This weekend I get to see my sister in Tampa. 
 Happy as can be will have an entire day to spend with her.

  Can't wait.  Arvid in the meantime will be concentrating
 on making trades.  Both happy people.  Sniff 
will be in the good hands of Gladys.

Next on our April agenda is the Tampa Bay Blues Festival.  
First time going back since 2015.  Looking forward to
 that as well.  Hopefully the sun is hidden and we do 
not burn to death.  There was a time Arvid goT a
 really bad sunburn.  On his knees of all places.

As the new week and new month begins I wish you
 all success and all things good.  May April be a good
 month for all of us.  For us it's looking awesome.  On 
the other hand no matter what life throws our way we 
always find a reason to turn it to our advantage.

Always find a reason to laugh.  It may not add years
 to your life, but it will surely add life to your years...