Aug 12, 2019

A New Week Begins ~

A new week rolls in.  A week full of promises,
 potential and endless possibilities.  A week
 for you to pursue your dreams...

The week started out on a gloomy note.  So far 
it has not gotten any better.  The fog is back and today looks
 once again like a fall day.  Fortunately it is still warm
 though a bit on the humid side.  Looking froward to soon 
going back home to Fort Lauderdale.  Yes, I know, 
summers in Florida are the absolute worst.

Arvid and I have spent a few hours binge watching Netflix. 
 Something we would not do if we were back in Florida. 
 Sniff has spent his morning sleeping, and has not
 really eaten much since waking up.  Guess the 
weather is also getting him a little down.

Today is a hot tub kind of day.  
Monday again. Be epic this week.

Show Monday who's the boss.

Finding your passion isn't about careers and money.
It's about finding you authentic self.  The one
 you've buried beneath others needs...