Aug 15, 2019

Life Is Good ~

One way to get the most out of life
 is to look upon it as an adventure...

Deleting pictures like crazy today.  I take way too many,
 and most are not great, every so often I find a few worth 
keeping, but with so many to go through it will take me
 quite some time.  As I was deleting I came across the
 ones taken when Mala and Reshma were here.

I still think it is the best spot to capture the 360 degree vies of Chicago.

Today is fresh market day.  That's where Arvid 
get's his bread and I get a few of my favorite fruits 
and vegetables.  Plus it's a very nice "little" walk.  
Temperatures are cooler right now, and I am loving it.

My niece Lilly Vade.  Always happy always smiling.
Happy day to all.  Make the most of everything you 
have including take advantage of who you are today.

 Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, 
not realizing that life is made up of little things...