Aug 11, 2019

Happy days ~

Time spent with family is worth every second...

Yesterday will remain one for the books. 
 The day that is.  It was Victoria's birthday and we 
celebrated with her and Michael all night long.

Let's just say that this morning I was still spinning. 
Everything was dancing in front of me.  Feeling
 a little better right now.  Happy about that.

Today we were treated to dinner by Victoria and Michael.
We all had a good time at The Cheesecake Factory. 
 The days they have had in Chicago has been 
very nice for all of us.  So happy about that. 

 Can't believe my step-daughter is 35 years old.  
I have seen her grow up from the time she was just 16. 
 Both her and Michael have succeeded in just
 about everything they have set out to do. 

 Today because of their hard work they have a life
 that is envied by so many.  What people forget is 
that it was not dropped on their laps.  They have and
 continue to work for EVERYTHING they have.

We still have tomorrow with them.  For now all four
 of us are still a little "tired" from yesterday.  The rest of 
the evening will be spent relaxing at home with Sniff.

Hope everyone has also had a great weekend so far.

Life is short.  Don't waste it being angry or sad.
Be happy and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones...