Aug 27, 2019

Life ~

Every single day I found something to be
 grateful for and that's a powerful lesson...

One is never too old or too young to enjoy candy.  
What better place than Sugar, which also happens to 
be a Cafe and Bar.  Then you know life is good, when 
you can enjoy all of your favorites in just one place.

Everyday there is something new to "discover"  
for us it is always the simple things that bring us the
 most pleasures.  Little walks, a nibble here and there, 
feeding the duckies.  Just simplicity at its best.

Arvid keeps going to the theater looking for something,
 anything that we could go and see.  So far he has not had 
much luck, but knowing him he will find something.

Simple things.  A man and his dog cruising along the 
Magnificent Mile just enjoying the sights and each other's
 company.  Life...the best things are the simple things.

Good morning all.  Sniff and I have been awake
 for a while now.  It's looking to be a very long day.
 Good thing we have a few chores to do.

I discovered that sitting leaves little spaces for 
grief to get in, so I keep myself as busy as I can.

Joy is really the simplest form of gratitude...