Aug 19, 2019

New Week Again ~

Look for something positive in each day, 
even if some days you have to look a little harder...

And just like that as the show was closing 
the Blue Angels wizzed right by me.  In the blink of
an eye they were already behind the other building. 
 Fortunate for me, I was expecting it and 
clicked right before they disappeared.

Sundays are always our relaxing day and yesterday
was no exception.  We also tried out a new
 restaurant for dinner.  Specialty Thai food.

It was all very delicious, but as of this minute
 I think I have had enough Thai food for a while.

 I was surprise Arvid did not protest at all when
I suggested we go there.  He's not one for
trying too many new things, especially
in the food department.  Happy day.

A new week begins again.  Started good already.
 We just saw our little granddaughters on Skype
and the new addition to their family.  Their Kitty
cat named Felix.  All's good on our end hope
you are also having a good week so far.

Never forget, beautiful things happen
when you distance yourself from negativity.

Don't wait.  Life goes faster than you think...