Aug 20, 2019

Road Trip ~

Stop worrying about the 
potholes in the road 
and enjoy the journey...

A small day trip planned for today.  One of the
 neighbouring states to us is Wisconsin.  Today we plan 
to visit Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  No particular reason 
other than I felt like going on a road trip.

Don't have any particular objective in mind, but 
if the weather hold up I would like to go to the zoo. 
 I love zoo's and based on what I found out Milwaukee
 has a pretty good one with over 3000 animals.

Milwaukee is a city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin 
on Lake Michigan's western shore. It's known 
for its breweries, many of which offer tours
 chronicling its role in the beer industry. 

Overlooking the Menomonee River, the Harley-Davidson

 Museum displays classic motorcycles, including
 one of Elvis Presley’s. Nearby is the Milwaukee 
Public Museum, with its large-scale European 
Village and a recreation of old Milwaukee.

We also did some research and found a few very 
nice restaurants right on the water.  Of course we will 
be checking it out, and having lunch at one of them.

It is not always where you go and what you do, 
but for me it's the zest and excitement of going 
somewhere new and different.  It's the exploring that 
I look forward to.  I love zoo's and because of that
 this makes this trip an exciting one for me.

Happy day all.  Time for another road trip.

Two roads diverged in a wood,
 and I – I took the one less traveled..