Aug 9, 2019

Just Because ~

Don’t  judge me because as far as I know 
I haven’t let you borrow my shoes to walk in...

I'm gorgeous and I know it.  
Mama tells me that everyday. 

Some days Sniff just lays on this mat right next to
 the vacuum cleaner and gets the best nap.  Lucky cats.  

They can nap anywhere and at anytime.  No stress 
in their lives.  Well for most.  Brutus's short life 
was full of stress, pills, doctors and pain.

Our Brutus went through too much in his short life.
  Imagine we even tried the Hyperbaric Chamber 
to see if this would help.  Did not.  We did
 laser treatment, all it did was...NOTHING.

Sniff is a healthy boy and we hope he stays this way always. 
 We hope he will be with us for a long, long. time to come. 
 Nine years with Brutus was not enough, on the other
hand, it's 9 years I will always be grateful for.

The weekend is looking to be very good.  Temperatures
 are cooler right now, I love it.  The day is sunny
 and blue skies galore.  Good morning all.  

May your day be as blessed as mine and remember,
 there is always something to be grateful for.

And if you've never felt your soul 
being torn apart then, you've never 
loved anyone with all your heart...