Jun 17, 2022

Almost Home Lodge ~ June 17th

 Winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline 
of it, the trade-off they’re making to win. Losers, on the other
 hand, see it as punishment. And that’s the difference...

After the previous tenant left, we worked really long
 hours to fix the room.  They were there before our time, 
and let's just say that the room needed LOTS of TLC.

Most of the credit goes to Arvid, he is the most hard workingppens.
 man-person I know.  I will never stop saying, "he does not know 
what quitting means."  Most times works himself to the bone.

When things seem to be flowing just fine, something
 unexpected happens.  It's a good thing Arvid is a master of 
all trades.  Better than any maintenance man we have ever 
had.  Only thing is, we have a maintenance guy already, 
yet Arvid is the one doing most of the work.

Almost Home has the most beautiful flowers blooming. 
 We have hundreds of red roses and quite a few pink ones.  
Makes coming to work every day a pleasant experience.

Many a day we are bone tired, but at the same time we
 feel very good because we got so much done-accomplished.
  You have to take the good with the sometime not always
 so good to get to that better place.  It's called life.

This time around it seems as if we are working harder
 than ever.  I guess after taking back the hotel we just have
to bring it back to the Almost Home we left behind.  Slowly 
but surely, we are doing that.  The tenants would tell us, "We 
have never seen anyone work as hard as you and Arvid."  

Arvid works non-stop.  I cannot cease to be amazed by
 this man.  Some days I worry that he will work himself to death,
 but he tells me he feels good.  He's almost 70 years old as he 
tells everyone, yet he can out work and outlast everyone here.

These last three months have been a learning
 experience all over again, but what is life if not a learning 
experience? Everyday has it's challenges, but together 
we face it and always give it our best shot.

In life there are no shortcuts. Only hard work. 
 Work hard and be patient.  It will pay off.

Good morning everyone.  It's Friday and for many it's time to party.

It’s not about money or connections – it’s the 
willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone...