Jun 19, 2022

Sunday June 18th ~

 My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could
 give another person, he believed in me/us....

Daddy your five daughters, 5 sons-in-law and
 your 9 grand children wish you the happiest of days.
  Today and always.  You set the bar high from day one.

Why I have on no shoes is still a puzzle to me.

All dad's are special, but our dad has always made 
his presence felt in our lives.  No matter how busy he was, 
we together with our mom were always his firs priority.  

He always gave us his time.  Because of my dad
 and mom, our childhood was one of beautiful memories 
and times spent laughing and doing fun things. 

 We didn't have much, but what we had was shared
 with friends and family.  My dad took us to the beach every
 weekend.  Memories that will forever be a part of our lives.

As the saying goes, "anyone can be a father, but it
 takes someone special to be a dad."  That someone 
special is our dad and I'm sure your dad as well 💖

I think my mom put it best.  Little girls soften their daddy's hearts...