Jun 23, 2022

Thursday June 23rd ~

Time is like the wind, it lifts the light and leaves the heavy... 

The week is soon over.  June just flew by.  Who would have
 thought so much would have happened in such a short time. 
 Just last week if you would have told us we would have
 time to just enjoy ourselves, in the middle of the week.

 I would not have believed you, but life is strange and 
once again we have leisure time.  making the most of it 
for you never know when this can suddenly change.

Another very quiet day for us.  Sniff is so very happy to
 be seeing a little more of us everyday.  We are as well.

The days are still very warm.  Yesterday we did not 
have any rain.  Right now a little rain would be OK.  My 
arm is not getting any better.  I still have bites every day.  
I now think it happens when I fill the bird feeders.

OH well, sooner or later I will have to learn to stay away 
from certain things.  Until then I will be covered with bites. 
 It could be worse.  To all a good day, and just remember
 there is always something good in each day 💚.

They always say time changes things, but 
you actually have to change them yourself.,,