Jun 9, 2022

Thursday June 9th ~

 Morning will come, it has no choice...

Today had life not taken this sudden turn, we would have
 been in Chicago for the Blues Festival.  But not happening.  
We cancelled that.  Was hoping that we could squeeze
 it in, but I really don't feel that the timing is right. 

 I do not like the idea of leaving Almost Home for so many
 days without one of us present.   C’est la vie.  Another time 
it will be.  There is always next year to look forward to 😊 

The other day Arvid and I enjoyed a beautiful 
evening at The Landing with a friend.  There was 
good food, good drinks and music, good company.

Best part was that I had two hours all to myself to just
 walk around and do a little shopping.  It's been a long 
time I have actually shopped in an actual store.

It was busy.  People everywhere, laughing, having a
 good time.  It was refreshing to be out of "work" 
environment for a few hours.  I love seeing people 
just having a good time, loving life.

Of course my most favorite attraction at The Landing is 
the dancing fountain.  It mesmerizes me every time.  

I have been pulling weeds and such in my "free" time
 at Almost Home.  Well next thing I know is that I am
 covered in bites.  There is something called chiggers. 

 In Missouri, chiggers bustle about from April to October. 
During the summer, peak activity times are around dawn and dusk
 and during mid-morning, as the temperature rises into the high 
70s and low 80s-their apparent preferred range-and before
 the sun has had a chance to burn off the evening dew.

No more going on the grass nor touching the flowers for 
me😞 too bad because I sure enjoy taking care of the roses
 and the flowers.  From now on it's fake flowers only, and 
no more getting too close to anything resembling a tree.

Wishing everyone a good day.  The day begins a
 little on the cloudy and cooler side, but will get warmer 
and sunnier in a few hours.  For now enjoying 
some quiet time before heading to work.

Things change.  Stuff happens.  Life goes on...