Jun 10, 2022

Friday June 10th ~

 I'm an early bird, partly because I like to have
 some quiet time and partly because by 9am emails 
begin arriving, the phone starts ringing and I 
have dragons to kill of one sort or another...

Another week soon over.  Even thought this was
 a less hectic week, it still won’t by very fast.  It’s been
 really quiet at AHL 🙃 not complaining, but I have to say 
I am getting a little restless. Used to being busy, busy.

We have taken care of a lot that needed to be done. 
 Finished with the remodeling of 2 rooms, so now
 it’s back to how it usually is.  Very quiet 🙃.

I will never complain about quiet or boredom 🙏
 at least not for now.  Being Friday it will be a 
bit busier 🙃. Get to see many tenants today
 because quite a few pay on Fridays. 

Weather has been beautiful. Clear skies after
 a little morning fog.  Perfect days here as one of my 
previous tenants would say, “don’t get any better.”

Sniff staying busy with the birds.  Arvid finds
 stuff to do no matter what.  I’m trying to not go 
near grass.  My bites are not healing too well because 
every time I scratch them I make them worse off .

Plans for the weekend?  For us it all depends 
on how the day goes.  Work a little tomorrow and
 hopefully make dinner at home. Just perfect 😀.
To all a good weekend and a relaxing time.

Weekends are days to refuel your soul and to
 be grateful for the blessings that you have...