Jun 13, 2022

Monday June 13th ~

 Monday is like the rising sun.  It's time to shine brightly...

Talk about hot, this was yesterday and the
 rest of the week promises to be as hot if not hotter.
  I am definitely not liking this right now.  I loke cooler
 temperatures.  Not winter, just a little cooler.
  As in maybe as in 35 degrees cooler 😂

A new week begins.  I only we had more rooms at AHL.
  The calls coming in to rent a room is constant.  It just
 goes to show the lack of living quarters 🏡 available 
for the people here in Branson.  Very sad indeed.

Whenever I know I will probably have a room available for rent,
 it's rented even before the tenant leaves.  I have one room which 
I was told for the last two months that the tenant will be leaving 
because she need to be in an assisted living place.  That room
 is already spoken for by many.  Unfortunately for all 😐
my tenant cannot seen to have a date for her move.

To all a good day. May the new week be one filled 
with positivity and may we work hard to achieve
 those goals we set out for ourselves 😀

Believe you can, and you're halfway there...