Jun 28, 2022

Tuesday June 28th ~

People are like books: some deceive you with their 
cover and others surprise you with their content...

Our nephew J and his girlfriend went for a two week 
trip touring different countries in Europe.  J was giving her
 the tour of places he had already been to, but together they visited
 Belgium for the first time.  J being J knows that Arvid and
 I have a "thing" for chocolate.  So does my mom. 

 Being J he bought us Belgium chocolates.  When he got
 back to Miami he put these chocolates in a styrofoam 
container with dry ice.  Next thing you know UPS was
 knocking at our door.  Chocolate was very good.

From the day he was born, we all knew that J was special. 
 As he grew up he just became even more special.  There 
is a kindness, thoughtfulness, and humility in him 💙
 that is rarely seen in one from such a young age. 

Yes, I love all our nieces and nephews, but J goes beyond 
and above.  he is the most loving son, nephew, brother and
 grandson anyone could every wish to have.  I am just happy 
he is our nephew.  Both Arvid and I love him dearly.

A new day begins.  What does it hold in stock for us? 
 For you? Today is my dad's birthday.  J took after him. 

Probably the best human being in the entire world. 
 J watched and J learned, for you see J grew up  
close to them for the first years of his life. 

If you're someone special for a person, 
you will be in their heart for life...