Jun 16, 2022

Thursday June 16th ~

 No one is so brave that he is not 
disturbed by something unexpected...

The other day my arm was very swollen from these 
bites that I really cannot explain.  All I know is that every
 time I step outdoors withing a half an hour I develop another
 red welt or two.  It got to the point where a couple of my 
tenants said it loos really swollen and bruised.

I am now convinced that my right arm is allergic 
to something on the outside.  The what I am not sure about. 
 Makes it really difficult to run a hotel and not have to go
 on the outside.  I guess I will just have to live with it and
 hope that soon whatever it is that's affecting me
 will disappear from the environment.

I did give in and went to the doctor.  I think he was more
 afraid to touch my arm than anything else.  He maybe
 thought I was infected with some weird disease.  I really
 hope I'm not.  Just to be on the safe side I asked if if 
he thought I would die from it, but he didn't think so.  

On the other hand, the vet that treated Brutus also told 
me that Brutus won't die from his amputation surgery.  
Well, our Brutus did die from it.  There were 
other factors involved in Brutus' death.

The doctor recommended a tetanus shot. Well I got it. 
 Here I was thinking that I had to be bitten by something
 or someone or step on a nail to need a tetanus shot. 

The skin broken by an insect bite could become infected
 with tetanus bacteria. You can prevent this type of infection
 by keeping up to date with tetanus shots. Adults should
 have a tetanus booster shot every 10 years my doctor said.

That is life.  One of these days it will "stabilize"
In the meantime there is good food to make me feel better.

Life has many ways of testing a persons will.  
Either by having nothing happen at all or by
 having everything happen all at once...