Jul 22, 2022

Friday July 22nd ~

 When thinking about life, remember this: 
No amount of guilt can solve the past, and no
 amount of anxiety can change the future...

Yesterday's lunch was good.  Good conversation, good food.
  Once in a while it never hurts to lister to what others have 
to say.  You learn a lot, and we sure laughed a lot.

I enjoyed my chips and salsa, and then my taco salad. 
Not bad at all.  Much better than what I used to order.  The
 Lomo Saltado was not to my liking.  At least not here.

Been thinking a lot about Brutus.  Debbie and I were talking 
and Brutus came up in our conversation.  Always good to talk 
about him, but then my mind wanders away for a little.  Life.

Friday.  Warm, but with no humidity.  That's the blessing in disguise.

The mind will not always remember exactly what happened,
 but the heart will always remember the feeling...