Jul 28, 2022

Thursday July 28th ~

 When I told you that I was normal, 
I may have exaggerated slightly...

We all watch the news so that we can stay informed as to
 what is going on in our surroundings and the world we live in. 
 Fact.  Arvid watches the news so that he can later "scare" me into 
all these very terrible things going on in the world, and yes, they are 
terrible, but at the same time one has to take it all into perspective.

This morning Arvid said that last night on the news he saw that there
 were many bears in Missouri.  Well yeah!  There are bears, but with Arvid
everything can be too EXTREME.  Now he says I need to get rid of all
the bird feeders because the bears will soon climb up the deck 😒

After all is said and done, where is the joy in life 
if I have to live afraid of everything.  I'm already scared 
of snakes as is.  So yes, the racoon does come to eat the 
bird seeds at nights.  That's why I cover them up.

Some nights when the racoon comes I go out with water and a
 stick to chase him away.  Have done it now twice and every night
 I wait for him.   Arvid asked what would I do if the racoon bit me.
  Hmm... I did not think about that as yet, but on the other hand, 
I did get a tetanus shot about a month ago.  I'm covered.

Good  morning everyone.  I know that life is not always easy, and for 
some it's even more of a struggle, but being miserable all the time and 
complaining about it does not make it any better. If you can quit, quit.
 If you can't quit, stop complaining - this is what you chose.  Life.

Common sense is a flower that does
 not grow in everyone's garden...