Jul 29, 2022

Friday July 29th~

Often, in the real world, it's not the 
smart that get ahead but the bold...

Arvid and I did venture out of our "safe" restaurants 
and "discovered" a new place.  Surprisingly not that far
 from where we live.  Little did we know that there is 
a whole lot going on just beyond our doorsteps. 

On another note, yesterday I saw a snap from
 both Victoria and Michael, yeah the same one's with
 the pool house.  She also being Arvid’s eldest daughter.  

Well let's just say the snap took me back to summers
 at their place.  They always prepare a seafood feast.  You 
will NEVER find this in a restaurant.  I miss it right now.

The cherries were picked from their backyard as 
in acres of backyard.  They also have apples, plums
 and pears among other fruit. This was from just one 
of their many cherry trees.  I'm NOT jealous 😛

Today will be a quiet day.  Lunch at home and a movie on Netflix.  
Yes, definitely snacks and my most favorite, a Pepsi.  I'm happy.

Let's remember that our attitude towards life determines life's 
attitude towards us.  After a while negativity just wears you down and 
those around you.  Life is too short to only focus on the negative.

The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes...