Jul 7, 2022

Thursday July 7th ~

 The best way to predict the future is to create it...

Yesterday it was too hot to cook 😂at least that's
 what we told ourselves.  I have been craving Thai food
 for the longest time, so Thai it was.  Not bad, but a long
 shot from the one i usually have in Fort Lauderdale.  
I'm not complaining.  Just comparing 😂

Since coming back from Chicago the birds have not
 been around like they used to.  Maybe they thought I
 have abandoned them.  The squirrels are still around, 
even more of them.  Also, Chippy is back as is baby 
Chippy.  Birdies are slowly coming back as well.

I think of Chicago and smile.  What a wonderful time, and 
what a beautiful city.  The view from our bedroom was amazing.

Made you not want to really leave the room for too long 😂
No matter the time of the day, the view is always spectacular.

Good morning everyone. Soon another week is over.
  Leisure time is really killing me.  Now I am back to 
not sleeping well, and way too much time to think.

Enjoy the day, and stay away from the heat.  We will.

I was going to do something today but I 
haven't finished doing nothing from yesterday...