Jul 20, 2022

Wednesday July 20th ~

 Always forward. Never back…Learn something new everyday... 

Yesterday we never left the house. It was that hot. 
That meant I had so much time on my hands.  Of course I 
was a little bored.  Yesterday I did not go to AHL because
 Pookie had someone else taking care of her.  I go there 
today and yes very excited to see who I will see 🙃. 

It makes me happy when I go there.  Yes, it 
was hard work, but it was good also.  And no, 
I don’t regret not being there all the time.

Arvid knows how to stay busy. He just has a
 knack for it.  Thank goodness for the internet 🙃
 keeps us both busy with our our stuff.

Sniff is good but has not been at his best. 
He’s been moody lately.  Has not been eating
 his foodies.  Of course I worry, but I have learnt
 to control myself.  I know he’s not starving.

The wildlife in our back yard continues to keep 
us entertained  even Arvid looks out every so often
 to see who’s moving around.  Last night mama and 
her baby showed up.  baby has gotten big now.

 Yesterday the turtle visited again.  Of course he found lots
 to eat.  That’s him eating a piece of a tortilla.  The squirrel
 ate the apple I meant for Gerald, the groundhog. Gerald didn’t 
mind one bit, he had lots of carrots and nuts to choose from.

Another quiet day awaits us 🙃  Arvid already
 has a few hires around the house so he’s happy.  Keeping 
busy he says..  wishing everyone a great day and may
 your goals get a closer to being accomplished.

What matters in life is not what happens to you but 
what you remember and how you remember it