Jul 13, 2022

Wednesday July 13th ~

 Look for something positive in every day, even 
if some days you have to look a little harder...

Yesterday while Arvid was busy doing stuff around 
town, I had the opportunity to have lunch with two of the 
ladies in our subdivision.  We met before for dinner at one
 of their homes, and yesterday the three of us had Indian food.  
It was just delicious.  Better than the Indian food I have had in 
New York, Florida and not so long ago in North Carolina.

I have been going to AHL for the last week now.  
Mainly to help take care of Pookie whose mama was taken to 
the hospital.  Pookie is really happy when I show up and wants me
 to stay with her petting and stroking her.  I do, and I feel very
 sad when I leave.  She looks at me and meows.

Yesterday was cloudy so after lunch I took a little 
time and went to the Tanger Outlets.  Was a good day.

Arvid, Sniff and I.  Living our best lives.

I challenge myself everyday to be the most
 positive and enthusiastic person I know...