Jul 31, 2022

Sunday July 31st ~

 I get up and I’m happy and healthy and whole...

The last two days have been cooler.  A little rain also 
helped the grass, flowers and the wildlife in our backyard.
  I also realized that the birds really enjoy nibbling on their
 food even in the rain.  They also delighted in bird baths.  
It looked as if fall was already here.  Many leaves 
are already changing color and yes falling already.

Arvid and I stayed in.  Arvid wanted to go out, 
but I didn’t feel like it. Not usual for me, but we all
 have our days like these.  Happens once in a while.

Sniff had to really “fight” Arvid to get close to him. 
 Arvid says his arm hurts and he needs to rest it on the arm 
rest of the sofa.  Exactly where Sniff wants to lay down.  
Eventually Sniff got his way, but not without a struggle 🙄

Sunday.  Our day as Arvid likes to call it.  What/where shall we go?
  Not sure as yet, but the restaurant I wanted to try out does not open
 until 5pm.  Arvid does not like to eat that late.  I can always make 
an exception, but I admit I get hungry by 3.  We do miss out on 
lots of restaurants only because we can’t wait until 5pm 🙄

Wishing everyone a good day. Remember think positive, 
do positive because no one really cares to listen to someone 
always down on life.  We all have “issues” in life we have to
 deal with, but being negative about it just makes you even 
more miserable.  Happy thoughts to all and a happy day.

The biggest adventure you can ever take 
is to live the life of your dreams....