Jul 18, 2022

Monday July 18th ~

Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep
 with your dreams or wake up and chase them...

A brand new week is here upon us again.  Sniff and 
Arvid starting out bright and early with a little maintenance 
around the house.  First on the list is to change a lightbulb. 
 Sniff takes an active role in all things Arvid does 😂 

Another very hot week is in store for us.  Really missing 
the ocean right now.  Just being next to it is invigorating, and
 refreshing.  One of these days hopefully this winter we aim to
 be back home in Florida.  A goal is always a good thing.

Good morning to all. May your coffee be strong and 
your Mondays be short. Let's get this week started.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
 moment before starting to improve the world...