Mar 10, 2023

Friday March 10th ~

Life is like photography.  You use the negatives to develop..

 I have had some busy days and then there is today. 
 My day began very early with two different lab appointments. 
 I am now 7 tubes less of blood. The last time, as in last week 
when I had blood taken the technician poked me on the right arm, 
and was totally surprised when no blood drained.  I looked at her
 and said, "this is a first for me too."  Left arm did it's job again.

Having Sniff in my life is one of those blessings I will 
forever be grateful for.  He's never too busy to listen to me 😂

It's Friday and that means a little trip Downtown Fort Myers🎸

It isn't the challenge that defines you.  It's what you do with it..