Mar 3, 2023

Friday March 3rd ~

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can
 change his future by merely changing his attitude...

 For the next few days it's going to be red.  Arvid is happy 
with this color.  I like it as well, but I also like different colors.
  Same thing bores me.  I need to change colors often 💅I like 
change period.  Otherwise I get restless.  Not always good.

Some may say (Arvid) that I am difficult and very stubborn, 
but I think I'm just me and if doing what I think is not the "norm" 
well then you can say I am  difficult.  For instance when we go to a 
restaurant I carry with me a rubber band and at times saran wrap. 
 If I forget the saran wrap then there is always a napkin.  It does not
 matter where we are.  I will not have a fly in my drink or food.

Arvid is restless.  More like bored since he says he has 
nothing to do.  Soccer is on in between, walks in the afternoon.  
Soon family coming and then he said finally back to Branson
 where he will be busy again running around at the hotels.

At least soon we will have a few trips to Fort Lauderdale, I'm not 
crazy about the long drive but the end justifies the means this time.
  Hopefully 🙏 we spend a night or two... in a hotel no other way 
Makes it more relaxing and a better time for all of us.

A good day to all.  Another glorious day here in Southwest Florida🌞

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often...