Mar 29, 2023

Wednesday March 29th ~

The best bridge between despair and hope is a good nights sleep...

 Sniff and I are both better rested today and it 
sure feels so very good.  Instead of waking up at 2:30 
in the morning we were up just before 6 am.  What
 a good way to start the day.  Fully rested.

Sniff had a little brushing and is already getting comfy for another nap.

Good morning everyone.  It's going to be a good day. 
 We see family and we all get to spend some time together
 and enjoy a good meal.  Definitely a good day.

One more nap before his dada gets up.  Sniff needs his energy to 
keep up with Arvid, as do I.  The man has boundless amounts of it.

Confidence is not "they will like me."  
 Confidence is, "I'll be fine even if they don't."