Mar 8, 2023

Where Words Leave off, Music Begins ~ March 8th

The blues tells a story. Every line of the blues has a meaning...

Last Saturday Arvid and I went to Sarasota.  Of course there was 
a Blues Festival) involved.  It is definitely beautiful there, but HOT.
  Neither of us are that tolerant to the heat any more.  To make matters
 a little more "difficult" there was red tide.  It is toxic.  I was coughing 
quite a lot as were so many other people.  Sadly😿 there were
 hundreds  of dead fish scattered all over the place. 

 Red tide in Florida.  Florida red tide is a higher-than-normal 
concentration of a naturally occurring, microscopic algae called
 Karenia brevis, often abbreviated as K. brevis. It produces 
brevetoxins — powerful and potent neurotoxins — that 
can kill marine animals and be harmful to humans.

  This red tide is currently scattered over a large part of the
 southwest Florida's Gulf Coast Beaches.  If you're in Fort Lauderdale, 
for instance 😍 you can enjoy the beach at your hearts content.

The location is beautiful.  Blue skies, gorgeous sunshine,
 palm trees and happy people.  Did I forget great drinks and
 yes, also delicious lemonade.  I had a little of everything, 
but the heat was too much for us.  We left early.

The flowers are from Sarasota, the palm tree is from one of
 our favorite restaurants in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.  El Yate.  Both Arvid 
and I really miss Puerto Rico.  Due to all that is going on with me, 
we were not able to go last fall.  Hopefully this year is better.

We keep saying that the heat is too much, but we keep
 on going anyway.  We did have a good time.  As mentioned.
 it was a beautiful spot and the music very was good.

Good morning all.  Let the music lighten your week. 
 Some people have lives; some people have music.

On a different note, I saw my endocrinologist yesterday.  I now 
have three additional appointments to add to my already packed
 March.  I am more pissed off than anything else.  Why the 
heck do I need to do three more blood works in March?

The blues is celebration, because when you take 
sorrow and turn it into music, you transform it...