Mar 19, 2023

Sunday At Home ~

If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax...

 I love our Sundays.  Quiet and peaceful.  I am  very
rested today and looking forward to a relaxing day with Arvid, 
Sniff and our little Sunday outing. It's a little chilly to sit out,
 so Cuban sounds good.  We all love Cuban foodies 🍚.

We have had some very nice outings with family
 and some even better times laughing and just bonding.
We also had good food and even better drinks🍹

Next couple of weeks we will be going again to Fort Lauderdale.  I 
don't like the drive, but I like the idea of going to lunch at restaurants we
 do not have in Fort Myers, and that we really like and miss.  The plus side, 
we will have good company and many good memories will be made.

May your day be a bright and happy one.  We all have "problems" 
in life, but how we deal with it is what makes the difference. 
 For Arvid this was his happy thought for today, "we only have
 one more bacon meal before we leave for Branson." 😂

The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, 
the more amazing things take root and happen.  This is
 because you attract what you think about most...