Jun 19, 2023

Monday June 19th New Week ~

There are still many causes worth sacrificing
 for, so much history yet to be made...

 Today is a Federal Holiday here in the USA, called Juneteenth 
commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. 
 This is a fairly new holiday so not very well know as yet.

Aside from more work, nothing else is new here.  Still 
working at Almost Home trying to get things back in order.  We have
 long days with no pay 😂but we have the satisfaction of knowing
 things will run well again when we are no longer in Branson.

No matter how busy our day is, Sniff never misses out 
on playtime, brushing and a loving.  He's my happy place
 and for him nothing is ever too much.  I love my Sniff.

In case you need a reminder, in life there are no set rules.

Good morning and a great week to all.  Setting goals is 
the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Extraordinary things are always hiding 
in places people never think to look...