Jun 7, 2023

Wednesday June 7th ~

An animals eyes have the power to speak a great language...

 I have started buying food for the deer.  It's been about a 
month now since the first deer showed up.  Now, they show up a few
 times a day looking for some corn.  This little dude is my friend because
 when I throw him corn he looks at me.  When I talk to him he looks
 at me.  The others, will look but they take off  after a few seconds.

He comes around every morning, in the late afternoons 
and during the evenings, and when I throw him the corn he 
just stop, looks at me and continues to eat.  Another cutie.

Every so often this little turtle finds his way into our garage.
  The green in the picture are my gloves.  I use them to pick him 
up and put him back onto the grass and to safer pastures.  

Life goes on, no matter what else is going on around us,
 be it grief or heartache.  Like has no pause button.  With time 
people forget, but for the ones going through a heartache it's
 as if time just stopped. Life just happens no matter what.

Sniff and I are awake.  Wildlife has been fed.  Had cafe 
with my friend the deer.  Sniff was brushed, played with
 and fed.  Good morning all and a good day to you.

Never apologize for doing what you have to do in
 order to maintain your happiness and peace.  In
 your life you need to come second to none...