Jun 29, 2023

Thursday June 29th~

You will face many defeats in life, 
but never let yourself be defeated...

 It's been almost three weeks now that I am living 
with excruciating knee pain.  It all began with the sound 
of a pop, and before you knew it I was down.  Hurt like 
hell, but nothing compares to how it hurts right now.

After weeks of unbearable pain, I finally decided it was 
time to get it checked out.  I really thought I was having
 a mayor blood clot.  My leg all the way from the knee
 down has no circulation and feels like lead.  Yes, its 
heavy and nothing helps with the pain.

I have to work at Almost Home. I am up and down 
the steps several times a day, and yes during it all my knee 
is swollen and every so often it pops and I go half way down, 
but I have to work and no matter how much my knee
 hurts, there is nothing I can do right now.

I finally gave in and went to the emergency room. 
 I woke up at 4 in the morning just so that I can be
 done in time to get to work for 9am.  After X-rays and
 an ultrasound, I found out I had no blood clot.  That was 
definitely good news, but the pain has not gone away.  
In fact today it hurts in a VERY, VERY bad way.

The X-rays showed that I have a pretty huge cyst in the 
back of my knee.  The remedy is draining the cyst or getting 
a cortisone shot.  The reality is that I have not had time as
 yet to even call and make an appointment.  Today I will 
definitely try because the pain is pretty unbearable.

I don't have the luxury right now to not show up 
at Almost Home.  Our goal is to get it up and running 
and in there, I do not have the time to be "sick"

To all a good day.  Let's hope your day is better than the
 ones I have been having most of this month.  Time to take
 a bunch of Tylenols and hope I get a little relief, because
 today is going to be another busy day at Almost Home.

It might sound obvious but ups and downs of life are just part of life...