Jun 4, 2023

Sunday June 4th~

Every time I go to a movies it's magic,
 no matter, what the movie is about...

 The weekend continues to keep us very entertained.
  Yesterday evening we went to the movies.  We also have
 movie night at home the evening before.  We all had a good time. 
 Sniff enjoyed it as much as we did.  He enjoyed his popcorn 🍿

We had a great time at the movies.  The movie kept us 
enthralled the entire 2hours and 21 minutes.  The fact 
that just about everything in the movie was too fantastic 
to even be true did not matter one bit.  If you want action 
with not much reality, then it's a good watch 🎥.

It's looking like another beautiful day to be outdoors, 
soak in the views and enjoy a good meal.  Definitely 
I hear The Landing calling us.  Again and again.

Sniff  is chilling like every other day.  For him everyday 
is Sunday.  He relaxes.  He is fed, played with and loved 
always 💛  He is also always entertained by the wildlife.

Wishing everyone a relaxing day.  It is always good to 
take time for oneself.  Taking a break from all the chaos in
 life helps you to think better and perform better in your
 personal life as much as in your profession/business.

Take your time. Recharge and come back stronger...