May 23, 2024

Thursday May 23rd ~

True happiness is found inside the heart...

 Our evenings are special in that we both
 have quality with Sniff, and all three of us sure 
love every minute of it, and look forward to it.

A typical evening.  Sniff first sits with me, but come 
 9 o'clock he leaves me and hops up with Arvid.  Always the 
same without fail.  9 o'clock Arvid uses the restroom, Sniff goes
 and nibbles a little then waits for his dada to sit and up he goes.

I love this time of the day because Arvid is relaxed, the 
day's work is accomplished and we have time together to just
 sit and watch TV without the phones ringing or too many 
interruptions.  We love these evenings.  Quiet, peaceful.

When Brutus was alive and we had to leave him home
 alone for days/weeks I was always worried that because he was 
too attached to us it would not be easy.  Now the same is happening
 with Sniff; if anything he is even more attached.  Of course, I am 
already worried that soon we will be leaving him for weeks.

This morning was just spectacular.  I went out early 
and this is what I saw.  The moon over Paradise.

Of course it was too beautiful a moon to not take many pictures.

Good morning and a good day to all.  The weekend is almost here. 

Life is better when you cry a little, laugh a lot, 
and are thankful for everything you’ve got...