May 29, 2024

Wednesday May 29th~

Good things happen to those who hustle...
Yesterday was an interesting day. There was an 
antique roadshow in our area. Of course Arvid and I were
 there bright and early to beat the crowd and the heat. 
Can you believe another couple beat us there? 

We brought with us many collectibles to be appraised. 
Arvid hand selected his items.  This is when he’s most happy. 
 He traded for these items, and I think he's attached to them. 
 Unless the deal makes sense he won't/never give in.   

The thing with Arvid is that I don't know that 
he actually wants to give up anything.  He would 
much rather trade it for vacant land for instance.

Other than that a pretty quiet day. It was spent mostly
 indoors because of the heat.  Pretty extreme. It’s been a
 while that we have been in Florida at this time of the year. 
We are usually in Branson.  Boy do I miss it right now with 
it’s cooler temperatures 😍, but that being said, all is good 
even if we don’t get outdoors as much as we like.

A good day to all.  Arvid still has a few random soccer games.
  May not be teams he knows, but he's still happy.  As he puts it, 
it kills some time.  His worst enemy is boredom as is mine.

Is life not a thousand times too 
short for us to bore ourselves...