May 2, 2024

Thursday May 2nd~

Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch...

 To begin the month properly Arvid and I went last night to a
 concert in Sarasota.  It may not have been exactly my favorite 
person in concert, but he sure puts on a good performance,
 and that alone was worth it.  Plus it makes Arvid happy.
I do like Albert.  Maybe more than Arvid these days.

The venue for the concert has the most breathtaking
 views.  Sunset did not disappoint one bit.  Definitely going
 back.  George Thorogood was good.  Quite the performer 
I must add.  Even I was  surprisingly entertained.

During the break we got to catch up with Albert.  He 
lived his entire life in Fort Lauderdale and told us it was
 getting too crazy, too expensive and too stressful for
 him and his family.  So they moved to a much more
 "remote" place, and he says he couldn't be happier.

Looking forward to going back one of these days.

The boys enjoyed some relaxed time before we left with the
 daily soccer game ⚽  Sadly Arvid's team Liverpool will not
 be champions.  They are lame as far as I am concerned.

A great song should lift your heart, 
warm the soul and make you feel good...