Feb 8, 2010

Time For Me.....

“This is my life. it is my one time to be me. I want to experience every good thing.”

Today I decided to take the day for myself.  After all everyone deserves a bit of pampering once in a while and who better to pamper me than myself.   You see Arvid was at a meeting all day long so I actually had the entire day all to myself.
As it turns out I had so much to do that it did not leave me too much pampering time.  Not a problem will still make the most of the day.

I did find the time to go and get a pedicure and a manicure.  Decided to have my toes painted blue......yikes.  Not a favorite color for nails of Arvds but, I like it and that's how I did it.   Made me happy and that's what matters.

Then I decided to treat myself to one of my favorite lunches.  Crab legs....yep I ate all 4lbs of crab legs by myself and enjoyed it to the last itbsy leg.  No guilt here just pure enjoyment.  After that I thought...hmmmm......ice-cream could be all right aslo.  Well you guessed it.  Brought out the Haagen-Dazs...and had a feast.  You see when I want something I don't wait for someone to give it to me.  I make it happen or at least I try my darnest to make it happen.

Feeling a little guilty right now (only a tiny bit) so when Arvid gets back home we will take a nice long walk along the Riverfront.  You see it is just stepts from us.  Sure feel better already and did not even go for the walk as yet.    On our walks we usually come across many stray kitties.  You know by now I have a weak spot for kitties.  Everytime we go we take them food.  Sometimes there are 2 kitties other times more than 4.  We look forward to seeing them and feeding them. 

Now I'm thinking if we go for the walk then tonight I can have some additional snacks.  Well not too bad.  I have been good all day.  Deserve some snacks.   When we are in Eleuthera we sort of snack almost every night.  I know not good but, you see out there each day is a vacation.  Here n Florida it is mostly work and not much play......In Eleuthera it is mostly play.  Miss my afternoon island mojito....

“Taking time for yourself should never be seen as a burden. Not on you, and not on anyone else.”

until next time