Dec 7, 2010

Florida Freeze... Temps Expected to Drop Into the 30s:(

When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure.....

The best thing Florida has going for it is the weather or at least it use to be the best thing (my opinion)....all of a sudden it is not only cold but it is FREEZING!!  Good morning. lt's cold outside

With bitter cold gripping Florida, Fort Lauderdale broke a 169-year record for the day's low temperature — 40 degrees at 7:24 a.m., that beat the old record by 2 degrees.  In the wee hours of the morning the temperatures dipped into the low 30's.  Now that's darn cold!

Yesterday, Broward County declared a state of emergency and Palm Beach County activated its cold weather emergency shelter plan.

farmers at at
risk of losing their crops

Last night, even Brutus was unusually cold.... he just snuggled up between Arvid and I in the bed and never left us.  He rested his body on Arvid's back so they both kept each other warm. 

Before going to bed Arvid gives Brutus an extra blankie so that he can stay warm.  Brutus loves it and stays under until he decides to join us in bed.

extremely cold:)

Had we known it was going to be this cold we could have stayed on in Chicago.  The front will bring us the coldest air since last winter and it will be a lasting cold spell!  Temperatures will remain below normal well into next week.

this is serious cold:)
Even so I know other parts of the country and world are also having record breaking cold temperatures.  At least here in Florida we know it will eventually get better whereas many others have to suffer months of this terrible cold.
I feel terribly sorry for all the tourists who try to escape the winters in their countries by coming to Florida only to experience winter again.  Just wrong but.... it's the weather and no one can predict it:)
Stay warm everyone....

Weather forecast for tonight:  dark....cold and colder...

until next time...