Jan 12, 2011

Having A Ball:)))

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must....

my mom:)
OK so I am having a great time with my parents visiting here in Florida and best of all of course is that they are staying so close to us.  I am so happy we have the Fur House....had it not been the case I doubt we would have them with us for so long:)

My mom and dad are very independent people.  Almost everyday they are out and about doing their thing.  I am just happy to know that I can visit whenever I want...not that I do because they also like all of us, like their privacy.

My dad is the type that is just a people person.  On his second day here he introduced himself to all the neighbors....now they are all friends.  There is Les, Pam and of course Gloria and some others I don't even know.  They all love my dad because he talks to them everyday:)

As I was visiting today, in pops in Gloria...a character is all I can say.  She just came in like a tornado, sat, invited herself to lunch and then invited us all to a party at her place next week:)

I am really enjoying having them around and knowing I can just pick my mom and go shopping, or to breakfast, have a cup of coffee just anything.  My dad does not care to do all of this so he is happy to stay in and watch cricket.

 I even told Arvid that I do not wish to go anywhere while my parents are here because it is not that often I see them anymore....he was OK with that!!  YEAH!!  I even convinced him to postpone our Eleuthera trip because I wish to go to my uncle's birthday party.  He said OK!!!

What else is there to say?  Life is good..enjoying having my parents here.  We even had a few friends from Norway here last weekend and it was a very good time.  Everyone is always so very kind and nice and it comes so easy to be the same to them:)   Kindness is something that we must own and extend to ourselves, before we are able to extend it to others. When we do this, we do not determine whether someone deserves our kindness ... it is simply something we do because it has become our nature to be kind....

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.....

until next time...